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Overuse injuries

Marie12 Community member Posts: 13 Courageous
I'm late thirties and I've just been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. I have CP and this is in my "good" left arm. I knew this would happen due to overuse (I'd been to,d. Maybe it wouldn't for soneone who is a child now.) I feel like it is my own fault, that maybe if I'd done more physio my right side would have been stronger. I'm getting really low.
Has anyone else experienced these problems of your good side beginnibg to show the strain?


  • Rocky
    Rocky Community member Posts: 76 Listener
    Hi Marie, The frozen shoulder could be connected to your cp and overuse of the muscles/joints especially if it is your good side because you have adapted to function through increased use of that side of your body and therefore put increased strain on the joints, muscles and bone density. However, it may be unconnected to your cerebral palsy. Lots of people get frozen shoulders partly due to posture or if their work is placing increased stress on the joint. Please do not think it is your fault.
    Have you been to your doctor? It is possible they could help by referring you for some physio and prescribing medication.
  • Marie12
    Marie12 Community member Posts: 13 Courageous
    Hi Rocky
    Thanks. You might be right. I suppose I've had my mum telling me how I carry to much stuff and overused it. (Today she was reminding me that my physiotherapist used to tell me this would happen.) because she told me that I never thought it might just be bad luck, then today a friend told me they have had frozen shoulder as well and I felt a bit better.

    I got the diagnosis at the hospital- I went because I wanted to ensure it wasn't broken. I got extra painkillers. I away for the weekend so I need to make sure I have enough.
  • Rocky
    Rocky Community member Posts: 76 Listener
    Hi Marie, it does sound as if you have put additional strain on your muscles and joints in the shoulder but I know lots of people who experience frozen shoulder who do not have a disability of any kind. In fact, it can occur in people who sit at a desk and computer each day so clearly posture has a part to play.
    Hope the painkillers are effective but if not, it may be worth thinking about seeing a therapist even if you have to go privately.
  • rachelcl
    rachelcl Community member Posts: 30 Connected
    I'm 41 and have right-sided hemiplegia. I get overuse twinges in my left wrist and find that aloe vera & lavender spray (available in health food shops) relieves it. I spray it on my hemi arm first and use hemi arm as a "brush" to spread it on left wrist.
  • foxuk
    foxuk Community member Posts: 103 Pioneering
    Frozen shoulders can happen to anyone. I was told that it is due to restricting movement due to an underlying injury.
    Treatment is relatively easy and works. See a GOOD Osteopath or Physiotherapist who will be able to sort this out for you.
    My GP (the older variety) showed me simple exercises to get the movement back and prevent it recuring.
    Before doing anything, we have all experienced friends who know what to do, get it checked and stop doing whatever caused the injury in the first place.
    Good luck.
  • liayn85
    liayn85 Community member Posts: 31 Connected
    Hi Marie,
    Thank you so much for your post. I have mild CP on my entire right side. I am 30. Over the past few years, things have been worsening on my unaffected side. It is almost like the unaffected side has become constantly contracted to fight the constantly contracted muscles on the affected side.
    I have the same shoulder issues. I have a much more prominent left clavicle and much stronger left shoulder, which, coupled with neuro complications, makes it hard to use my right shoulder. I am mostly using my left shoulder when using my right arm because of the brain's commands... it's called associated movement in case you didn't know. I am a bit self-conscious about it since my shoulder drops, which often reveals my bra strap. So perfect strangers will tell me I am suggestive or promiscuous. They wish lol. I am also experiencing some hip pain and discomfort and serious neuropathy issues on my left side now.
    There is no point in getting depressed about it, though I do indulge in the ocassional pity party myself. I'm sure you have done SO MUCH for yourself. The fact that you have CP makes you a survivor of brain trauma. You can always do hand exercises now, there is no stopping you.

    Best of luck!
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