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Hi all, I am currently studying MSc Clinical Biomechanics
I am carrying out a study at Liverpool John Moores University, investigating the effects of horse riding therapy on movement of adults with Cerebral Palsy. The constant rhythmic movements transferred from horse to riding is the basis of this therapy. It has been shown that the horses pelvic movement in walk has the same 3D movement as the human pelvis during walk. As the rider has to continually adapt to the horses movement the riders stabilizing core muscles respond. As we know core stability is vital for everyday tasks. Some studies say that the concept of horse riding therapy could potentially lead to increased ability to control greater variations of movement and encourage more efficient patterns of postural muscle control.

To test this theory I am carrying out a study that involves 6 weeks of horse riding therapy, and using the Biomechanics laboratories at LJMU will be measuring walking and movement control of the trunk using a virtual game before and after to see if there is any improvements.

If there are any cerebral palsy adults from the Liverpool area that would be interested in 6 weeks of free horse riding therapy sessions and would like to help me out with the study please contact me on


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    Such a shame I don't live anywhere near liverpool. Otherwise I would have definitely taken part. I will be most interested to read your reports following your research. If you hear of any similar studies taking place near Exeter let me know. All the very best. Noah :)