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What are your experiences of bra shopping?

I ask because I used to be a bra fitter in a department store and found that non-disabled people face enough challenges getting nice lingerie that fits well, goes under their clothes properly and suits their shape. In my experience, a bra that does this gives a woman a huge injection of confidence and I remember some women coming out of the fitting room so happy with their new underwear that they decided they 'didn't need the surgery after all!' (blimey..on many levels..)

It was great to see this transformation but I remember that we didn't see many disabled people in the fitting rooms and it's got me wondering. I'm wondering what extra issues disabled people face here and how well the industry is aware of, and are catering to those needs. I'm doing a spot of research into what's out there so it would be great to know what your experiences have been- and what you'd love to see more of in the shops (from products to customer experience!)

so, in particular:
- do you wear a bra? If no - why not?
- What features of bras do you look for? eg front-fastening, non-wired, smooth fabric, aesthetic design, matching underwear, etc.
- Do you find it difficult to get bras in the styles you'd prefer to wear?
- If you need a cup size bigger than D, plus specific features - is this more difficult?
-what is your fitting room experience? Do assistants and bra fitters understand your needs and cater to them properly?
- Do you have any favourite brands or vendors? if so please link :)
- Do you use any aids or adaptations that help you to put on a bra? if so please link :)
-If you find bras an issue generally - how does this affect you more broadly?
- how long do your bras last? Where do you see wear and tear first?


if you are not cisgendered and also disabled - what are your experiences?
if you were disabled when you went through puberty - how did your parents/carers etc handle training bras etc. Did you go out shopping or were things bought for you?

Thankyou :)

Beth x
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