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Hi, my name is madhouse88!

Hi there we are a family of 4 myself my husband both 27 and two sons 6 and nearly 2 . . My 6 yr old has undiagnosed difficulties ( i suspect adhd and/or autism with sensory difficulties) which can cause everyday life to be be a struggle we have no support from family as they live abroad so me and my husband juggle life between us , as a depression sufferer times can get very hard and feel very isolated we dont get much support from school and he hasnt seen a dr for this whole school yr due to waiting times, frustration eats me up as we dont get any support from anybody and im trying my hardest to make life as easy as possible for everyone and constantly trying new tactics and strategies to help always trying to be one step ahead ive also been sent on 2 parenting courses but as i say it can all feel a bit too much sometimes any support from anybody would be very much appreciated and any suggestions of charities or childrens groups or get togethers would be lovely many thanks


  • VickyS
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    Hi madhouse88, welcome to the online community.

    Have you tried talking to Contact a Family (http://www.cafamily.org.uk/)? They tend to specialise in helping families where the child doesn't have a diagnosis yet so it could be worth talking to them. Or you could call the Scope helpline and let them know where you are in the country, they should be able to see what's around locally in terms of support.
    Hope this helps!
    Vicky xx


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