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Hollieloren05Hollieloren05 Member Posts: 5
Really need advice as to where to get school shoes from that will fit with Afos! My daughter is ten and really loves her shoes but we struggle to find shoes that fit without going up to many sizes then she trips over them? It's becoming a nightmare and upsetting her that we are struggling! I've tried everywhere to the point where she will refuse to wear them!! Help!!!!


  • ElaineJElaineJ Member Posts: 4
    Hello, I am new to this. Just got AFO's for my 3 year old son. Finding it upsetting too. Thought I had the right ones from Clarks but Physio says they are too big. We struggle to get ones wide enough to fit. Did you manage to get any shoes?
  • Hollieloren05Hollieloren05 Member Posts: 5
    No I'm attempting this today! I was told not to go to Clark's etc because they are all fitted and supporting where as the afo is already doing this hence why they struggle to fit? I'm going to attempted dechmen as I've been told they do a big range of shoes I'm willing to try anything! Not my usual port of call but hey! X
  • ElaineJElaineJ Member Posts: 4
    I returned them and eventually got a supermarket trainer shoe. I took the insole out and I am gradually introducing the AFOs to my son. His hamstrings are very tight just now and we are awaiting the next botox. Trial and error just now x
  • Hollieloren05Hollieloren05 Member Posts: 5
    I've had to moan at them again it's just not physically possible for any shoe to fit my daughters its ridiculous I've had the tears the lot! So we are having to go without at school in the morning and wearing none uniform in the afternoon! I really have no choice so we will see what school says?! Grrrrrr
  • RockyRocky Member Posts: 76 Listener
    Hi Hollie, I can just imagine what the school will say knowing how fussy most schools are nowadays re uniform.
    I know Clarks used to be able to sell you a pair of shoes with one shoe being a different size to the other but they may have stopped that service now. The Keeping Pace site has some useful information especially if your child is allowed to wear a trainer type shoe. Also the following website looks useful.
    Keeping Pace is
    It may also be worth asking the Disabled Living Foundation for details of specialist suppliers -

    You probably already know all this but just thought it may be helpful especially as children are very conscious about being different from their friends.
  • Fizzy_frauleinFizzy_fraulein Member Posts: 2
    My 13 year old son son has been wearing AFOs for 10 years. There's no easy answer to this question & a lot of time it has been trial & error. However, I have found (like another parent), by removing the insole it gives more depth to the shoe, helping to avoid buying a bigger size to fit the straps etc
    Over the years I've tried many different ones, but in general have found Next to be the best fit & they do a great range with Velcro straps. Easier to put on/ take off & can adjust the straps to the width required.
  • EloElo Member Posts: 4 Listener
    My son has just started school and we struggled to find shoes wide enough. Clarks wide fit were still too narrow. We ended up buying Tesco wide fit for half the price, and haven't needed to take the insoles out yet (like we do with his velcro canvas Asda trainers).
  • bigfatgothbigfatgoth Member Posts: 1
    Email Dr Martens. They have truly epic customer service and will find some that fit. They'll even make with massive velcros instead of laces for independence. They are pricey, but last and last. I don't know about kids ones personally but my friend got some custom made for her son's AFOs and they charged her the same as a standard pair. I wear KAFOs, I can do laces, I have 15 pairs of DMs.
  • Karen WangKaren Wang Member Posts: 1
    There are shoe brands designed to fit over AFOs. and are the main ones. Other companies have orthotic-friendly shoes with velcro closures like,,, and
  • NoahNoah Member Posts: 430 Pioneering

    If your daughter is tripping due to having to wear shoes that are too large to allow her afo to fit, it maybe that she needs an afo that is less bulky to enable her to wear correct size shoes. Technology is progressing all the time, it maybe worth discussing with her orthodist what options are available, like a smaller carbon fibre afo or a safo. Ask for a review, to reduce the risk of falls. I have found hotter shoe company to be a good source of suitable footwear for use with afo's. Always looking for other manufacturers tho!

    All the very best

  • mrscowbagmrscowbag Member Posts: 6
    my daughter finds kicker ankle boots the best for support x
  • saraaw74saraaw74 Member Posts: 1 Listener
    I'm new to this and our daughter's CP. We have recently got a AFO with a wedge for her left leg and we are struggling to find shoes to fit. 

    I have emailed nike adidas and they weren't really helpful. On the other hand DM were but wanted £300 for a made to measure pair of boots. 

    I was wondering if anyone has tried kickers with  an AFO and if so were they OK. 

  • StayceStayce Member Posts: 681 Pioneering
    Hi All 
    I couldn't agree more that finding shoes that accommodate orthotics, AFOs etc can be a real nightmare and a continual project.

    This is a really good article on brands and shoes for AFOs, orthotics and DAFOs

    Hope this helps

    Best wishes
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