School Transport for disabled child - HELP

susy Community member Posts: 1 Listener
I wonder if anybody would be able to help by giving some advise on what we can do.

School is due to start next week and I have no idea at the moment how I am going to get our 9 year old, severely disabled son safely to school for the times that are needed in order for me to continue with my job. (my son in wheelchair accompanied with his feed equipment, feeds, medication, suction machine and cough assist)

The council initially rejected our application for transport with reason that we are close to the school and that our 5 year old daughter could look after him during the transport. This decision was overturned.
However, they told me yesterday that the transport is only provided for 9am and 3pm which means that our son is not able to attend the clubs that are provided at his school both of which he has attended for 5 years (with transport and escort in place).

We have asked for a meeting with the council which has been ignored. However, we have received an e-mail advising us to contact the taxi company to discuss the transport needs and sort out payments to cover taxi and escort. We cannot meet the payments of school transport, I cannot take him to school on my own without risking his health and my ability look after him.

He likes the clubs and I don't want to take that social interaction away from him. We also need the income from the work so idea to stop working is not the best option either.

Any ideas on what we could do? Is there anybody in similar situation, what have you done to resolve it?