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Problem With My Cleaning Lady

lisalouise999 Community member Posts: 10 Connected
I've been disabled for 4 years. I finally took the plunge 10 months ago and contact social services for help, because i needed help at home. They have helped me hire a personal assistant to help with cleaning, cooking and everyday tasks. I only have her for 4 hours a week. Im very grateful for the help but have a problem

I have quite bad asthma and chemical sensivities. I do use household cleaners but very sparingly. My cleaning lady has been using loads of cleaning sprays and it is making me ill. I explained and told her she has to cut way way way back on them and she agreed. She still uses too much. I changed to a cream cleaner and she even uses too much of that. I finally thought i had gotten through to her but nope! My sink and draining board wasnt dirty, just needed a wipe down and she used 9 full sprays of kitchen cleaner!

I immediately told her that is not acceptable and she just says "But i only used a little bit." I had heard the sprays so i know different.

What can i do? Many people have let me down but she wont cut back on the cleaning chemicals.


  • Emma Pineapple
    Emma Pineapple Community member Posts: 1 Listener
    If you have a social worker then they should support you to source a new cleaner. If you have a personal budget then could you consider dismissing her and 'shop' for someone new? She hasn't listened to your reasonable requests and shows no intention of changing her ways. There are plenty of support workers / assistants and cleaners who will respect your personal preferences. Particularly considering that it's directly affecting your health.
  • helpathand
    helpathand Community member Posts: 17 Connected
    Hi Emma, I am sorry that you are having difficulties. I wonder if, before you had a cleaner you or someone else cleaned your home without the products? Or whether if you have a computer or access to a library you might find old fashioned remedies. I am not an expert but know that vinegar cleans a lot as does lemon juice. If you made some suggestions and were able even to supply alternatives she may use your ideas. Perhaps she just does not know there are alternatives.
  • helpathand
    helpathand Community member Posts: 17 Connected
    Sorry just realised you are lisalouise!!!!
  • Denny
    Denny Community member Posts: 7 Listener
    edited January 2016
    Have you heard of E-cloths? Look up The way they are made they kill germs but all they need is water! It doesn't sound sensible but they work! If you like the look of them buy one and tell the cleaner to use it. In your own home, you can called the shots, not her.
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