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Our lift has broken down. Help!

We have a 13 year old with CP who is a full-time wheelchair user. We returned back from a weekend away and found our lift to our 4th floor flat broken. Usually Kone can fix this within 24 hours but we were told that the drive unit of the lift is broken and needs a spare part. We own our flat and the block is managed by an agent. We were advised by our agent that any repairs over a certain amount will need to be approved by all the residents. They also need a quote for the part and Kone after 3 days of chasing them have still not produced one.

My husband has had to leave work early to come back when our son is back from school to carry him up the 8 flights of stairs and then going back to work again. It's an hour commute each way and I'm worried about the strain to him, as well as worrying about getting the lift fixed.

Our local authority responded quickly and came today to try a stairclimber but it didn't work as this was deemed really unsafe due to the slats on the staircase coming loose.

We are in a real predicament now because the lift repair could take up to 3 months we've been told.

I have put the feelers out to see if we can hire a strongman to carry our son up the stairs. The other option is to home school him or move out (but where?).

I was wondering if anyone could give some advise or share some experience.? Has something similar happened to you and what solutions did you find?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.



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