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Kelly01Kelly01 Member Posts: 4
hi, My son is 15 yrs old and has cerebral palsy and cannot walk or talk. I have just qualified as a nurse and so work long hours. My husband is his main carer right now. However he wants to return to work and I want him to return to work as he needs social interaction and it will be good for his health. The problem is if we are both working who would look after my son when he comes home from school. I have tried in the past to look for child minders but no one will look after a child who is 15 yrs and who has severe disabilities. Is there any way both parents can work who have a child who is disabled in the Walthamstow area?


  • americanabroadamericanabroad Member Posts: 9 Listener
    Have you thought about a nanny? They're expensive but there is a special needs nanny agency called SNAP who operate out of east London. We're currently advertising with them and they've been really supportive. Also, have you spoken to the local council for any suggestions?
  • Kelly01Kelly01 Member Posts: 4
    Oh wow, didn't think there was a special needs nanny agency. I will look into SNAP, sounds perfect. And yes I have spoken to the council before and they just give me a list of childminders in the area. This was not very helpful because everyone I phoned they said they do not look after special needs children and most of them only look after the younger children but many thanks for telling me about SNAP will try them
  • Jamaica1Jamaica1 Member Posts: 3
    Hi I am having the same problems as I have just been offered a job but my son is only 18 months he is not siting by himself nor walking let alone does anything independent which makes me scared to put him in nursery
  • MinimumMinimum Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Do you have a social worker or care-co? You are entitled- both of you- to a carer's assessment also. If he is assessed, you could have a personal budget for him to enable you to employ a carer to look after him before & after school until you get home. Contact the council & ask for a carers assessment or contact your carers support service for advice. Good luck!
  • DaniellesducksDaniellesducks Member Posts: 5
    Im always getting asked if i know any one who does Direct payment. Lots of TAs and therapists in both our local sen schools pick up children after school for several hours. Ask the staff at school not just office and teachers as the TAs chat more :) but also they may of been carers themselves
  • IssiewhizzieIssiewhizzie Member Posts: 1
    We have just been through this and it has been really difficult. My daughter with CP is 13 and the home childcarer we had left without notice. It has taken effort but we have now got childcare from two teaching assistants at school. All the childminders I approached (about 20) all said no. No one said it was due to disability, but I'm sure that had something to do with it. As the TA's are not ofsted registered we can't use childcare vouchers anymore so it will cost more, but at least I can keep working. I did wonder at one point if I would have to give up. That didn't appeal to me as work is my respite. I would ask at school. The head teacher asked all her staff in a meeting and we had a few people interested. So we will see how it goes. Good to all in this situation!
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