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Sibling - Down Syndrome

A slightly different angle - our eldest Charlotte has Down Syndrome (4) and she has a new sister (3 weeks). Charlotte is non verbal but capable. She is not at all happy with the new addition. All normal for an elder sibling other than that she has become visibly distressed a couple of times as she can't express her emotions as other children could. Any ideas in helping her other than the normal involvement?


  • VickyS
    VickyS Member Posts: 129 Connected
    Hi fezbug,
    I've not been through this situation personally however I was interested to see if there were any specific resources available online to help. There seems to be quite a lot regarding new siblings but nothing specific for a child with Down Syndrome. If you're interested this website has a comprehensive book list about helping children understand new additions to the family: Sorry I couldn't find anything specific but i'll keep an eye out and let you know if i come across anything else.
    Good luck with your new born!
    Vicky xx
  • fezbug
    fezbug Member Posts: 2
    Hi VickyS, thanks for this! We have found some of those books but this is by far the best list I have seen.

    It is interesting to see there are so many books on the subject of a new sibling, and the internet is awash with suggestions on how to deal with the older child's jealousy and frustrations, but there seems to be nothing (as you discovered) that helps an older child with additional needs overcome and understand in a way that is applicable to them.

    Lots on older children understanding a younger sibling that has additional needs, but nothing to help the other way around.

    I will keep looking and thanks again for your help!


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