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Hi, my name is Maliha!

I have quadriplegic cp son.he is now 4yrs old.he is not to sit and walk.he is having multiple problem.I want guidance from experience person


  • Jgeek
    Jgeek Member Posts: 66
    Hi Maliha, welcome to the community, I am 26 with Athetoid CP so I'm hoping I can give some reassurance although I am not a parent. Each child is different, I know from my parents the first years are hard because maybe your baby misses development stages others achieve, my view is that he will have a different set of stages that become achievements for him each time one is passed, it is easy to compare but with the right support the focus can be on what he can do things at his own passe. In modern times its easier for people to show their potential with the aid of computers so there is nothing to stop him living a full & happy life. Take care and keep talking to other mums, we have alot on here


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