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Hi, my name is tremarge78!

tremarge78 Member Posts: 4 Listener
I am 52 year old female, with fibro and depression. I live alone as my partner has recently died. I need help with benefits and work. I have found the jobcentre unhelpful. I want to work part time for myself but I am on ESA in the support group and very confused over the permitted work rules!


  • Debbie_Alumni
    Debbie_Alumni Member Posts: 944 Pioneering
    Hi tremarge78,

    The permitted work rules can be a little bit confusing particularly for people who want to take up self-employment. I would be happy to give you some information if you could let me know what it is specifically that is confusing you.

    Best wishes
  • tremarge78
    tremarge78 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Thanks Debbie, I am confused as to whether I need to get permission or whether I just need to inform them, of what I am doing. Tremarge78


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