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Hi, my name is Rachel!

Rachel Member Posts: 6 Listener
Hi, my eldest son, Sam, was born ten years ago with grade 2/3 HIE. He has quadriplegic, hypotonic CP with dystonic movements, is registered blind, fed through a PEG and has life limiting epilepsy, but we all know none of that really describes him at all.
The truth is he loves music, swimming and is a big Tangled fan. He knows what he likes, and doesn't like, and screams blue murder if things aren't going his way. He has the cheekiest laugh and biggest smile.
Life is nothing like I expected it would be and more exhausting than I could have imagined. But the bumpiest roads lead to the most unseen places, that boast the most remarkable views. It's hard and good, and when problems pass, new ones just seem to take their place. I blog at www.bornattherighttime.co.uk and published my memoir, 'The Skies I'm Under', about becoming Sam's mum. I hope to find other mum's like me on the SCOPE community.


  • htlcy
    htlcy Member Posts: 128 Pioneering
    Hi Rachel! Thanks for your wonderful and poignant comment. I'm hoping you'll be able to connect with people like yourself. There's lots of different areas on the community so feel free to post! It's great that you blog. I blog myself at nosuperhero.wordpress.com so I will definitely have a look at yours. Many thanks for your introduction and I hope you find this community beneficial to you and your son :-)


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