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Hi, my name is markstuff!

markstuff Member Posts: 3
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I have a brother who is classed as a "high functioning" vulnerable adult who has cerebral palsy of a cognitive nature. Our mum died 3 years ago; our dad is terminally ill. I am trying to find him a safe place where he can may be build up online friendships as he loves using the computer. We have no support and he is classed as not "bad" enough for some of the groups in our area and not "good" enough for others. He is quite lonely. I am his only family and I would like him to have as many opportunities as possible that are available to able bodied people. I am worried about online social media. I would like to support him, he finds it very difficult to make new friends, has had little or no input since he was classed as "educationally subnormal" - he will be 54 this year. I would also like some contact with people who may be able to support me or share advice as I have my own family. I would love him to have a life of his own.


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