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Orthopaedic surgery- Derotational osteotomy

Has anyone here had a derotational femoral osteotomy?
My sons consultant is suggesting this in a couple of years as his hip is gradually coming out of the socket (currently 30% out). I can't find much online about its use with cerebral palsy?


  • TrollyDolly747
    TrollyDolly747 Member Posts: 1
    Hi Liz, I am presuming that your son is having this as he has Cerebral Palsy? My son had a SUFE (Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis) a few years ago and now has extensive hip problems and he is also facing a femoral head reshaping and triple pelvic osteotomy. Do you know why the hip is coming out of the socket, is it because it is mis-shaped? How old is your son? Have you looked at the charity STEPS UK? they have some info about lower limb disorders and there maybe some other parents with similar experiences, although I know that a lot of their members have children with hip dysplasia.
  • Kat17
    Kat17 Member Posts: 2
    Hello. My daughter has just been told that she needs this surgery, she is 6 and her right hip is 40%. Its quite a blow. I have started a face book discussion support group to as I have found a couple of other mums in the same situation. We are on the waiting list at the Evalina but it will take 6 months at least
  • LizD
    LizD Member Posts: 6
    Thankyou for getting back to me TrollyDolly747 and Kat17. My son has cerebral palsy, and the tiptoeing and inward turn of his feet have made his hip come out. We have been told the hip op will happen between ages of 10-12 years old (he is 8 at the moment). I'll check out STEPS UK, I haven't heard of them before. Kat17, I'll have a look at your Facebook discussion page. Thank you!


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