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Opportunities and education for young people/adults with disabilities

Madmomz7 Member Posts: 5 Listener
edited December 2018 in Education
I have 3 young adults 2 with autism and 1 just recently dx with aspergers. All have taken till they were 22 and 20 to be dx and have struggled with mainstream colleges with supported learning units.all 3 are out of provision at the moment and I can't find anything for them.
They all need support and majority of the work has to be practical to their liking. I have 2 wonderful people trying to help me find things for them but we are not getting anywhere.
It's not easy to get them out and when I do it's a huge battle, this is making things harder and me and them are becoming more isolated. I have 4 younger kids who go to school at the moment and it's affecting them too has they seem to be drawn in the same direction.


  • YoungCarerOverHere
    YoungCarerOverHere Member Posts: 45 Connected
    Hello there. I see your dilemma- autistic individuals can often struggle in mainstream schools/colleges but I'm glad that you have people helping you. It sounds like you've had a rough time recently but I hope you can find people in similar situations on here to help.
  • Madmomz7
    Madmomz7 Member Posts: 5 Listener
    We have been through many things over the past few years, from 3rd son who was only dx last week age 20 not getting the right support and understanding to the point college won't have him back has dr's have identified he is a self learner and struggles to follow instructions,To my 22 year old ding the victim of multiple assaults since September 2015 and no support in college has they feel he is coping but is not able to retain what he is being taught, to my eldest who is 24 he isn't being challenged at all and motivated, he is a very complex young person but no one seems to listen or help them. I have battled for so long to get the help and support but to no avail!!! Has they get older it's getting harder!
  • raxa
    raxa Member Posts: 37 Connected
    hi my son is 22 years old i am struggling to find suitable place but there is not anything for adults


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