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Self learners

Madmomz7 Member Posts: 5 Listener
I have a20 year old young person who was only dx with aspergers last week, we have struggled for years with him has he can't follow instructions, doesn't matter where he is or how reduced they are he still can't follow. During his assessment the psychologist called him a self learner. I understand what it is big how do I help him? He wants to go back to college or a training centre or even a job but I don't know what to ask in ways of support or anything really!!!
He is hard to get up has well, which don't make things easy.doesnt matter if he wants to get up for something he wants to go to he just finds it impossible. It's taking 2-9+ hours a day, I am now at the point of not trying every day. He is currently not in provision and we are struggling to find anything at all for him!


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