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Hi, my name is redken!

redken Member Posts: 2 Listener
m 48 disabled from N.I very disappointed in our courts.


  • Geo08
    Geo08 Member Posts: 49 Courageous
    Hello Redken,

    Firstly, welcome to the Scope community forum. I hope you find the support and advice you need on here should you need it.

    As a disabled second year law student, I'm very interested in knowing why you are disappointed with the courts? Have you taken something to court? Or is it a case of more general disappointment with their current attitude?

    Once again, a warm welcome,
  • redken
    redken Member Posts: 2 Listener
    edited March 2016
    about a year ago I started to have problems with a guy that lives next door at the start it was just comments and knocking my door and windows which escalated to assult and criminal damage to my front door which started at 11.30 pm at night which terrified me, the police arrested him but he sighned himself in to mental care hospital he denyed the charges.my door and frame had to be replaced. police said he would be getting prosecuted but they couldn't talk when he was in hospital but the next day he was banging his own front door . then it changed, suddenly when it went to court they said his dr has got involved and the court had to review this medical he had .then the court phoned me and said they were not pressing charges against him they said that on that night he was not in control of his own mind? I asked about all the other times he had given me abuse they said that just this charge of criminal damage that he was up for because I didn't inform the police every time he did something to me so charges dropped. so he is living next door i had to pay £200.00 pounds access Insurance for my door and every time there is a bang I think is that him again. nothing from the police or court but a phone call, sorry for spelling mistakes . yours REDKEN for geo08.
  • eddiesbabydoll
    eddiesbabydoll Member Posts: 3
    I was in an abusive relationship about 8 years ago , I was kept in a flat he had burned all of my cloths put locks on every door keeping me locked in the bathroom most of the time , only when other people were around or he needed something I got out . After him being arrested many times and a police man started to notice the case due to my admissions into Hospital after being stabbed , hit over the head with a crow bar and another time a dumb bell , had my feet burned and a lot of other violence , also I was only 6 stone because of not having food . one night I managed to run out through a window that he had mistakenly left open I was naked and covered from head to toe in blood , I was admitted to Hospital spending 5 weeks , on my release from hospital the police man arranged travel 500 miles away , I was with a family member who had kids and was'ent in good health, he came to the house , I was terrified and still brain washed , he ended taking me back to the prison of the flat at knife point . I was there for a further 3 weeks before the police noticed that I had had no contact , officers came to the flat , one of the female officers looked through the post box and witnessed me being kicked into a storage area . He was arrested and kept in prison for a few months . In the time he was in prison I was still brain washed thinking I would never get away , I was sending him money , visiting the prison and writing to him as he had told me he would find me and my family and kill us . I have two daughters , [ they were at my mums through all of this , I would never put them at risk ] anyway he had been in prison for a few weeks were he had to stay until trial ,
    I was on my way home from the jail , I had to buy stationary for the purpose of my ordered thee letters per day , I was having trouble finding the required envelopes , I was crying and in a panic , A man tapped me after hearing my north accent ," are you ok?" , he asked if I wanted a coffee , I was in so much fear as I had been told I was being watched every were I went , It was Eddie and our first meeting , I don't know why but that day I spilled my heart out telling him as much as I could , when he left he gave me money for food and told me were I could find him if I needed a chat , the next week I went to see Eddie , I wanted to return the money he had given me , once again we went for a coffee , he explained that I could get away , he contacted the police telling them that he had a place in his home were I would be safe , He took me to his home he nursed me back to health both mentally and physically , I would never have stood up in a court room against my ex , with Eddies support I did , I had feelings for Eddie quite early , Eddie says he new this but he wanted me to have a straight head , and he dident want to cause any more stress as a new relationship was not what I was in need of , he encouraged me to go back to church , joint groups have counselling and ware my scars with confidence .
    After the court case were my ex pleaded guilty and was given a short time before sentencing to sort out financial details and some other things although he was warned that he was going away for some time , Eddie and I were picnicking in a park when my phone rang , it was the police , my ex had been found dead in the flat ,
    Eddie and I have been together for 7 years , we are engaged , I cant stand the way Eddie is being treated by organization ,
    Sorry about the mistakes and the length of my story .
  • Geo08
    Geo08 Member Posts: 49 Courageous
    Dear Redken,

    First off, sorry for the delay in replying to your post. I'm also very sorry to hear that the court system seems to have let you down on this occasion. I'm afraid to say that the rules on mental health conditions and criminal offences are very quirky and quite old fashioned. It's a shame that in tight economic conditions more cases cannot be heard.

    Of course you could always try and explore your private law options. Perhaps you could consider looking for some free legal advice?

    Once again I'm very sorry for your situation and I hope things get better soon. If you have any questions I can help you answer please feel free to ask.



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