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Budget Cuts

JBryson Member Posts: 3
Will you support my petition to get it active (I need 5 supporters) and then publicise it?
The budget debacle is a disgrace. George Osborne just doesn't get how the PIP changes at the same time as tax cuts for the rich looks. While it has been reversed, I am incensed. It basically says to disabled - you are not valued, but wealthy people are. That is wrong.
While I know other campaigns against the cuts go on, I think another tack could make it more personal and highlight that policy makers are out of touch. Get them to live like a disabled person for 24 hours. See what it is like to try and do everyday things. Then if they make policy, it is with the humility of having experienced it a bit.
I have set up a petition. I need 5 supporters and then it will go live.
Please help me get it active. Then publicise and if it goes viral, it might be discussed in parliament.


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