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Adjustments’, to NEW GSCE’s exam marking To take into account CP/ inability to rely solely on memory

ValParentChildwithCP Member Posts: 3 Listener
Under the new scheme introduced this year, which removed all course work that contributed to a final exam result. No consideration or adjustments’ has been for the 100’s of children with Cerebral Palsy, with cognitive impairment such as impaired memory putting them at a 100% disadvantage, condemning them to a future without academic qualification. Infact they increase the barriers to disabled people accessing education opportunities in schools and later on in colleges and universities. Condemning them to a life of low salary employment – IF ANY at the age of 16.
I am seeking a just ‘adjustments’, be made to take into account this disability; for example;
# Inclusion of course work into the final grade;
# an open book example; and so on
Extra time in an exam for an individual, who has difficulties with memory and processing information, is of little use and in no way addresses the imbalance and the discriminatory nature of these exams.
Valerie Mitchell. (Parent).


  • forgoodnesssake
    forgoodnesssake Member Posts: 406 Pioneering
    I couldn't agree more...and I tried to raise some of the issues around GCSEs with Scope about 3 years ago but they just were not interested (or at least it was not high enough up the priority list)  BUT it is essential cos what is the point in pushing for decent educational provision (statements, EHCPs, proper inclusion etc) if at the end of it the kids cannot actually sit the exams.  I am currently working as an invigilator at our local high school and it is VERY interesting to actually see how the rules for "access arrangements" work, and how they simply fail some students.  I am aware that an educationalist in the disability field, who has in the past had some quite contstructive dialogue with Ofqal, is increasingly alarmed at how things are going and so it may be that there will be some sort of working group set up.  it would be great if Scope would actually grasp the nettle.


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