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Hi, my name is Sueg!

Hi im sue . I have four beautiful children. My first child gem is 29 and married to Ryan. So i have a extra son now. Then i have adam. Hes in a relationship with Terrilea and they have my little geandaughter ella.so two more lol . Adam has type 1 diabetes. But lives a normal life. if there iis such a thing. Then i have josh . He's 18 and has aspergus . But he did his exams at school and college. He's now signing up for the sub marinas . Hes really quite and i can remember worrying lots about him. Having lots of problems. Then i have Tom. Hes 13 and has a rare condition called cystinosis . Hes tube fed and has loads of medicine and spends sometime in his wheelchair.has pins in his hips. Knees and ankles But is such a funny little guy. .i feel i have experience in so much stuff. Most days I'm the strong person who sorts everything out for everyone. But some days i just feel beaten up with life. But im a good actress and can usually bluff everyone that im OK. Sue xx



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