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I need advice regarding my 8yr old son

gingerbread Member Posts: 3 Listener
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  • gingerbread
    gingerbread Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Hi Hannah
    I need advice regarding my 8yr old son. Last yr he was assessed at school by an ed psyc who told the school he had a processing disorder. Previous to this we were constantly told he was lazy and shy and only wanted attention from adult staff which was why he required help and constant instruction in class. The school senco took a lot of persuading from us and his class teacher to agree to psychology services, as she firmly believed he was lazy. We struggled with home work he head to read and we struggled to motivate him but we have been luck the last two yrs that he has had great teachers who spent the extra time to alter the way they taught him and with ieps and one morning a week ta support we saw some progress. The problem is that he has not made enough progress and has been kept back a yr, to usbthere seems to be gabs in his knowledge and he is struggling still to learn but getting any consistent info from the school is ridiculous, they just claim he has a processing disorder but he is still labelled lazy and math is a nightmare. Can you recommend a course of action as at the moment I fell like withdrawing him from school and teaching him myself as it couldn't be worse than school.
  • EducationalPsychologist
    EducationalPsychologist Member Posts: 118 Courageous
    Hello gingerbread,

    It sounds like you are having a difficult time in trying to get the school to better understand your son's needs. Has the psychologist who did the assessment been able to liaise with the school? Sometimes it can help to have a joint meeting between school, parents and psychologist to discuss issues and plan together. Was it a full cognitive assessment? He may benefit from full assessment for dyslexia/dyscalculia.

    Make sure you have a copy of the school SEN policy and the complaints policy. Raise your concerns, in writing, with the following professionals, one at a time:
    Governing body
    Refer to relevant sections of the policies in your correspondence.

    You should also contact your local SENDIASS for advice and you might find useful information on IPSEA. Finally, there is a Facebook group called 'Its Not Just You' that you might like to join, where you can ask parents, who have been through similar battles, for advice on how they helped ensure their children's needs were met.

    If you are considering home education then highlighting this to the local authority can sometimes help make change happen. Some local authorities have teams that work with schools and parents to resolve issues to avoid withdrawing pupils. Would also be worth looking at other schools as an alternative if you are really not happy with his current school.

    Just remember that your son is lucky to have you looking out for his best interests!


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