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Don't know which way to turn next

Jojo15 Member Posts: 3 Listener
This discussion was created from comments split from: Hello my name is Hannah and I'm an educational psychologist.


  • Jojo15
    Jojo15 Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Hello Hannah i am after some advice and don't know which way to turn next. My son is 9 and we have always thought he was unlike children his age. He was delayed from an early age but no one picked up on this. He is now under others but still feel no one believes us. He is socially and emotionally immature and has anxiety issues. The problem is that we have always said this has never been about his academic levels but does have some issues with motor skills such as writing, cutting, drawing any advice on which way to turn or what could be the issues.
  • EducationalPsychologist
    EducationalPsychologist Member Posts: 118 Courageous
    Hello Jojo15. There are many reasons why a child can present as socially, emotionally and/or academically behind their peers. I would recommend an assessment to explore each area further. An educational or clinical psychologist can do this. When children are anxious this can affect their learning. Equally, when a child has difficulties with learning, this can cause them anxiety. You need to understand the root cause of his difficulties so that you can plan for how best to help him to progress. In my experience, parent instinct is very rarely wrong!


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