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Support and advise seems to have disappeared since son left school

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  • Gillian Coates
    Gillian Coates Member Posts: 7
    Hi , my name is Gillian . My youngest child Josh is coming up to 18 . He has congenital cerybral palsy diplega, scoliosis, learning difficulties, dyslexia, anxiety and depression. I have queried the autistic spectrum but he has never formally been test. I would really like josh to become more independent and find himself a job but all support and advise seems to have disappeared since he left school. He has no friends as he lives in his room and rarely comes out. Can you help or advise me please.
  • Chell
    Chell Member Posts: 20 Listener
    Hi Gillian

    You have not mentioned if Josh has any mobility problems or what Josh would like to do.

    So I can only give general advice.

    The first step is to get Josh to get out and meet people, but try to find a placement in a environment that he is interested in. As he will always cope better in social situation if he is enjoying it. Look at you local community and see what is available. This will also help him decide where he would like to work. Most areas have a Volunteer bureaux, which can have gardening ,working in the community and mentor programmes etc.

    If he is under the Job Centre and claiming benefits you may have a Disability Employment Adviser (DEA) who will be able to advise Josh about any supportive programmes that are available in your area.

    It is a step by step process and can take a while especially if he is on the autism spectrum.

    Good Luck

    If you need any further help you can contact me again




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