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My daughter started getting back to back ear infections


  • mommy3t
    mommy3t Community member Posts: 4 Listener
    My 3yr old daughter had tubes put n her ears a yr and 5 months ago an about 3 months ago she started getting back to back ear infections an the drain so bad an the drainage gets hard an hurts her ears to the point she is sticking her fingers n her ears to get it out. Any advise? All the doctor keeps doing is giving oral meds an ear drops an the ear infections come right back.
  • VickiKirwin
    VickiKirwin Community member Posts: 69 Courageous
    Hi mommy3t
    Grommets and t-tubes are ventilation tubes and not drainage tubes, so any discharge from the ears is abnormal and should be treated, and your GP will have prescribed antibiotic ear drops. Unfortunately when the discharge is very bad the drops often don't get to the problem effectively. I would recommend asking for an appointment with your ENT doctor at the hospital as soon as possible. It might be that the ears need a really good clean out by your ENT doctor before drops are used again. Occassionally, your ENT doctor may recommend that the grommets are removed if they are causing longstanding problems.
    In the meantime, try to keep the ears as dry as possible and especially try to keep dirty and soapy water out of the ears. Use some cotton wool covered with vaseline in the ear when bathing - wash your daughter's hair first and rinse the hair off in clean running water. Then put a shower cap on her. This way she can play in the bath without getting dirty soapy water in the ear.
  • VickiKirwin
    VickiKirwin Community member Posts: 69 Courageous
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