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Our son has struggled each year with the class transition


  • Heather
    Heather Member Posts: 168 Connected
    Hi. My son is only 11 years old but I wonder if you could give me some guidance regarding sensory assessment? Our son has struggled each year with the class transition in a severe special needs sch, to the point he is violent and non compliant at school. He has regressed mentally at home to the point we have decided to withdraw him from school as he is unable to cope. A facilitator of the course "behaviours that challenge us" said my observations and description would indeed point to the fact our son can not cope with the sensory overloads and demands put on him and we should seek an assessment. I know his consultant would action this, but we need speed to get the education board proof that this is a fact and not just assuming that the current placement is wrong for him. Can we request this assessment privately? If so, how long would it take and approx costs involved? Reading the Internet description of this process it seems our son is in need of a lot of help to address his problems and yet school were not willing to accept or adapt to accommodate his needs. He soiled at assembly time, refused to eat in the school hall, refused tasks after 10am daily and couldn't cope with pe and art times, he cheered if kept in at break times and freaked out if another child was loud. Appreciate any knowledge you have of this assessment. Thank you. Heather
  • BusyOT
    BusyOT Member Posts: 76
    edited September 2015
    Hi Heather, you can request an assessment privately. You can find independent OT's here http://www.cotss-ip.org.uk/find search for Sensory Integration in the Service Type box and you should also be able to narrow the field for your locality. I've no idea about the costs I'm afraid but I'm sure the OT will be able to quote before they complete an assessment and provide advice about tackling the education board.
    It might also be worth asking for an SI assessment from an NHS paeds OT - sometimes the waiting times are not as long as you think!
  • Heather
    Heather Member Posts: 168 Connected
    Thank you Arlene. I've today asked my son's consultant and she is seeking an urgent OT appointment. Having a deadline of 3 weeks to submit reports to the LEA we doubt NHS will be in time. But having the details from you and knowing I can go privately is a great back up. Thank you.....if only the school had an OT and didn't just come up with the excuse that OT and physio are provided via the Fizzy and Beam programs during PE. Great, my son can't cope with PE because of the acoustics in the hall! What good is that? On with the fight! Thank you


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