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I want HIM to ask me questions....bit stumped though....got any ideas?


  • Mixxi
    Mixxi Member Posts: 29
    Hi Chris - welcome- great to see a speech and language therapist on here.
    My son is 7 autistic with a severe speech and language delay. I have fought tooth and nail to get just 30mins of therapy a week written into his statement. Our therapist left at the end of the last school year and because of the upheavals in the NHS (they are trying to create a social enterprise for these services in Gloucestershire) she has not been replaced. They don't even bother to turn up to the annual review. His previous therapist wouldn't even listen to him when he did attempt to communicate.
    As you can tell - I'm so frustrated that I'd love to scream at them all!
    I work very hard with him - but speech is not really my area. I have been using hanen approach and sort of working on language through reading. He reads extremely well but doesn't like answering questions very much so testing comprehension is tricky. My next target is expanding on getting him to give instructions...I want HIM to ask me questions....bit stumped though....got any ideas?
    PS Liz and Bonkers - from everything I've read Speech Therapy is best and most effective when applied early - so keep plugging away there and don't let them fob you off!
  • Hi Mixxi,

    Sorry if my reply is short - I'm just about to leave London for Cardiff but didn't want to leave you hanging.

    My tip: start with getting your son to instruct you to do things:
    the key to communication and learning is motivation. Think about what your son enjoys doing and plan around that. For example using the PECS approach I have extended past "I want biscuit" to "I want Scot to jump" with some children.

    I saw an inspirational SLT at a conference yesterday who used water and food colouring etc in her sessions to motivate and interest children with ASD.

    If you want your child to ask you questions start with asking for 'help' (as discussed above) and manipulate situations so that he needs you do particular things (such as open a container that holds his toys).

    Let me know how you get on or if you have further questions.

  • Mixxi
    Mixxi Member Posts: 29
    Hello Chris
    Not exactly a SALT question - but stick with me.....
    I'm trying to find a better school placement for my son.
    I recently visited Moor House School in Surrey which is specifically for children with speech, language and communication difficulties. I liked it but it wasn't exactly right for our situation.
    Do you know of any schools or listings of schools that specifically target speech, language and communicaton difficulties?
    Any thoughts
  • Hi Jo, can you describe his primary difficulties as I will send out an email to ASLTIP members and see what they say? Thanks!
  • Mixxi
    Mixxi Member Posts: 29
    Hi Chris
    Thanks that would be great. We are open to ideas and even to moving areas to get to the right school.
    My son is 8.5 and is autistic. He has been recently assessed for cognative ability - and where he can be bothered to do the test - he scores in the average - above average range.
    His main learning difficulty is his insistance on following his own agenda.
    His communication difficulites are really associated with this.
    We need a school that understands the challenges of autism but isn't wholly defined by it. Somewhere that has high aspirations for the children and where (2 way!) communication is at the heart of everything they do. Does a school like that exist?
    Look forward to hearing any ideas.
    PS It would be fantastic if they had good IT and science teaching - as these are particular strengths (and motivators) for my son.
  • Hi Mixxi, I have asked colleagues and have some recommendations for you to check out: 1) ICAN Meath, 2) Frewen College in East Sussex, 3) Visit Stanbridge Earl's in Romsey Hant. Let me know how you get on :)
  • Mixxi
    Mixxi Member Posts: 29
    Many thanks for the suggestions Chris.
    I will let you know how I get on (might take some time though) :)
  • Mixxi
    Mixxi Member Posts: 29
    Hi Chris, Don't worry if the reply is late ;) I'm looking for some nice credible research that speech and language thearapy is of benefit to children with communication difficulties associated with autism.
    I'm thinking about the new SEND reforms and the focus on outcomes. So anything which helps me understand what the outcomes might possibly be would be very useful.
    Thank you - and no rush! Mixxi


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