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  • Natasha BrownNatasha Brown Member Posts: 112 Courageous
    hi my son is 14 and has been using AAC/VOCa for a few years now - initially grid2 ruynning on an ultra portable pc, he has advanced from the symbols pages (like PECS) to predictable typing but also still using specific grid sets eg pages on food choices, friends/family, places to go etc.

    he made a huge leap in communciaiton moving from the low tech PECS to the computer based high tech device.

    we now moving to ipad with proloquo (as it now ahs predictive keyboard) and also trialling predictable as a pure predicitve typing version - which is ok for him.

    the inclusive case looks v good - get it if you can afford it! not differnet versions for ipad 1 vs ipad 2 but expensive - http://www.inclusive.co.uk/iadapter-for-ipad-p5174
    we have got otterbox defender case with otterbox OtterBox Utility Series Latch which has straps - both on amazon and together come to around 50-60£.
    proloquo - you ened to be prepared tos it down for a few hours to programme it to your son's needs ie match his PECS that he used to using as the "out of the box" version is far too busy and ful of americanisms (unless your child likes pretzels and calls his mum mom and goes to "high school"... )

    my son likes best home videos and photos.
    we are trialling predictable typing app

    as he can type but for school his SLT and IT person will programme proloquo with grids to focus on eg actions or other language stuff. (note that we are v lucky having fantastic ICT person who will programme in line with what teachers/SLT request - it is easy to programme once you learned the tricks but v time consuming - be prepared to sit for a while....)

    up to now had been using grid2 running on a small pc but ipad hardware (and the apps potential) is much more fun.

    i got a refurbished ipad1 from apple.com for £289 as waiting for funding to get a new ipad2.

    tehre are a few free software comms apps around - depends on his level - if he fluent PECS user with a big vocabulary already then go for proloquo .
  • lynnelavertyukcomlynnelavertyukcom Member Posts: 2
    My son is just turning 8 and has an iPad and an iPod touch and both are fantastic (and worth their weight in gold if I think about how much I've spent on toys I hoped he would eventually play with!). He doesn't quite have the physical strength to use touch screen white boards and monitors but the iPad is so touch sensitive he can use it effectively.

    We have the Otterbox Defender case too for both and again, they are excellent. Ours have been thrown once or twice during a tantrum and the case has completely protected it.

    He is verbal now (first words age 6.5) but we still use timetables all the time to decrease anxiety so we have various applications that we can use for that. He also loves to watch talking books and play some of the simple games.

  • Natasha BrownNatasha Brown Member Posts: 112 Courageous
    hi i wanted to update you on ipad case - it seems the otterbox defender - while great for drops and throws - it has survived four months of being thrown around - does NOT prevent drool seeping under screen protector and under the screen. so as it dries out (hopefully ; otherwise visit to apple store in order ) i have ordered the Griffin GB02480 Survivor Military Duty Case with Stand for iPad 2 (now £32 on amazon) which has built in screen protector so am hoping this will work to stop any liquid seepage .

    so for any droolers i would suggest getting the griffin case.
  • Chris2Chris2 Member Posts: 35 Listener
    Thanks for the advice on the Otterbox defender! Be great to hear how you get on with the Griffin case...
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