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Has anyone solved the problem of independent living for an epileptic adult child?

pippasparks Member Posts: 1
My 30 year old daughter has epilepsy and aspergers. She lives at home and works 3 days a week. I am her carer, but am ever aware of my increasing age. I am trying to explore solutions for her future when I may not be able to provide a home and care for her.


  • Mickey
    Mickey Member Posts: 16
    Hello pippasparks - how have you been getting on with this? Has your daughter ever had a needs assessment done? https://www.gov.uk/apply-needs-assessment-social-services
  • tisszy
    tisszy Member Posts: 6 Connected
    edited July 2016
    My 32 year old son had a Community Care assessment done and we learned a few things:

    1. Have someone with you who can answer with and for you. Parents, because they care so much, are never fully objective. See if there's a Disabled Rights worker who can help. 

    2. Go for Direct Payments so that the Carer can be chosen to suit your daughter. My son has a brilliant carer through this system - once you are awarded the care you are referred to a special organisation to help you through advertising and interviews etc. It helps the disabled person to feel more independent and if you, like me, are nowhere near as young as you'd look to be and worry about the future, you know the Carer can help alongside any family members. My son and I are so much better friends now the pressure has been shared like this. 


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