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Hi I am a 29 year old disabled adult and I need help to fined a care home

hi my name is Samantha I am a young disabled woman with 2 children and I need to fine a care home in or around callingtion Cornwall because I need to be close to my children but I also need the help and support n care I have a rair condition called pars defect witch is in relation to the spine collapsing me and my children curantly live with my mother but she has to much to do without trying to look after me as well and bless my mother she has been trying her best for 10 years but now my children are getting older their noticing a lot more like seeing me in pain the medication that I am on and other things around the home and I feel as if I am emotionally harming my children by them seeing me in the amount of pain you can only dream off so if their is anyone who could possibly give me some advice and or help with finding a care home in and around callingtion Cornwall 


  • Debbie_Alumni
    Debbie_Alumni Member Posts: 932 Pioneering
    Hi Samantha,

    Do you have a social worker who can assist you with finding the right care home? Are you sure that this is the only option available to you now?
    There is support that can be given at home to help you and I wonder if you've had an assessment of your care needs carried out by your local Adult Social Care team.

    Are you currently claiming any benefits? I can look at this with you to make sure you're getting all the help that's available to you.

    There's a website called www.carehome.co.uk and this is a directory of care homes and other care settings. It will be able to give you information about all of the care homes in your area. It will come at a cost though. Would you be able to self fund a place in residential care or would you need financial assistance with this? If you need financial assistance in funding a place, then it is vital that you get an assessment from your Adult Social Care team who can look at all of these options for you.

    I'm really sorry that the pain has become so unbearable for you. Pain Concern is a charity and they have a helpline if you want to talk some more about the issues with pain and coping strategies. Even if you just want to talk and offload a bit, they can listen, so please bear them in mind. http://painconcern.org.uk/how-we-help/helpline/

    I hope this has helped a little bit, if you need some more information please don't hesitate to ask.

    Best wishes


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