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MHA Maintenance are refusing to install powered doors at building entry to provide access for Holly


  • BevB
    BevB Member Posts: 2
    Hi Debbie. My disabled daughter aged 25 was offered a new build wheelchair adapted flat by the housing authorities in Derby where she studies at the university. We were delighted to accept after more than 2 years on the housing waiting list and attended a project meeting to determine essential adaptations in the flat to meet her needs as she is v disabled by CP and uses a power chair. She is only able to transfer by hoist. The flat is part of a social housing scheme currently being built by Metropolitan Housing Association. Today, the housing project manager called me to say that, despite the council offering to fund the capital cost, MHA maintenance were point blank refusing to install powered doors at the entry to the building to provide access for Holly. This is done routinely at developments for older people. This means she would be unable to get in or out of the flat independently. It would be devastating if we were to lose the flat because of an accessibility issue.  Any advice please? 
  • Debbie_Alumni
    Debbie_Alumni Member Posts: 932 Pioneering
    Hi BevB,

    I'm really sorry to hear that after all of the waiting and meetings, there is now this one last barrier. Did MHA give a reason why they will not install the powered doors? Funding doesn't appear to be the issue because the council are going to provide the funding so there must be another reason why they're refusing to put them in? Have they confirmed this in writing? Sometimes the refusal can be due to an issue with the structure and design of the building. There could even be health and safety reasons. Until they tell you specifically why they won't install them, it's difficult to challenge. Have they advised you of any alternatives that could be put into place?

    Best wishes


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