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Hello Kim, are you up to date on the international research showing health dangers of EMR?

PeterLimbrick Member Posts: 2
This is the very serious downside of wi-fi, smartphones, etc. Will you give this side of the picture as well as the benefits? Perhaps you could recomment people use only wired technology. What do you do to keep yourself safe?
Peter Limbrick, Interconnections.


  • Kim_AssistiveTech
    Kim_AssistiveTech Member Posts: 50
    Hi Peter, 

    Thanks for your question, you raise a very interesting subject. I am aware but by no means an expert on the research into health effects from EMR. I have however done a bit of research myself and took particular interest in the study released by Scientific America "Mind control by cell phone".

    The health and safety of our students is always a priority in any circumstance, and when I work with students I do a risk assessment for every piece of technology I use with them. This goes from the risk of tripping over a wire all the way through to health effects of EMR as you mentioned. 

    For some of our students, using wired technology isn't an option. For example if we are going out into the community and using communication aids we must be wireless which allows them to check bus times whilst at a cafe with wifi. 

    Personally I can't say I have taken any particular measures to keep my use of wifi to a minimum but you have sparked an interest in this topic for me so I will be doing a little more research I think!

    Thanks for your question.
  • PeterLimbrick
    PeterLimbrick Member Posts: 2
    edited May 2016
    Then I will be very happy, Kim, to send you some links if you wish. My own stance is to treat EMR as a toxin and to reduce my exposure as much as I can.


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