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Hello, my son is 11 years old and has Cerebral Palsy and Autism.  He had a gait analysis a few months ago and we are going for the results tomorrow. I was just wondering if any one else has had experience of this and what the outcome was ? Thanks in advance xx


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    @Noah do you have experience of this? Or perhaps @speedincaesar , @Jgeek ?
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    I'm absolutely devastated. Goes for Jake's gait analysis results and really wasn't expecting what they said. He needs a massive operation on both legs it's a 6 hr op . It will require massive rehabilitation , there is a risk though. If the rehabilitation doesn't go as well as planned and he can't cope with it  pain, exercises etc ( and that's with 100 per cent from me as well) he could end up in a wheelchair virtually  permanent. If he doesn't have the op he could end up in a wheelchair permanently because of how bent his knees are at the moment and there only gonna get worse. I've got 4 months to have a good think . Also for the next 4 months his physio is gonna see him frequently and start a program with him to see if he can cope with lots of physio before the op as this will give them a idea of what he could be like afterwards. My head is battered ,feel so panicky xxxx has anyone had any experience of this ? Tia xxx
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    Hi @myjakeys. I had this done in late 1990 in Oswestry. It is a massive procedure for your son to go through but with that said it has improved the quality of my life. In a sense it has slowed the affects of my CP. What surgeries are they suggesting? I had rather alot in two 12 hour ops. I am also happy to answer any of your questions :smile:

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    Hi I had a massive six hour operation following a gait analysis when I was 13, (about 16 years ago) During which they lengthened my hamstrings, calf muscles and adductors. They also put pins in my left (more affected) hip to stop that leg turning inwards and transferred muscles to make them work more efficiently. Following the operation, They estimated I'd be in hospital for 8-10 weeks (as I lived so far from where I had the surgery) however I was out in 6. I had to stay in bed for nearly two weeks to help the healing process, which I'm not going to lie - I found frustrating! even though moving about would have been tough, as I had plaster casts up to just below both knees, and gaiters over the top.

    The rehab was tough going, sticking to a rigorous daily physio routine, with loads of stretching and strengthening exercises, but I have to say, the changes my body went through and the work I had to put in  has actually instilled in me the importance of physio and exercise in general. It took over two years to get back to the level of mobility I had before, but I must say I'm glad I went through it to maintain my mobility and slow down the effects of cp on my body.

    Hope this helps, anything else you'd like to know just ask!!    

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    Hi Tia,

    I can appreciate its a difficult time for you, and trying to decide which route to go down is a challenge.

    I remember well, facing a similar dilemma when I was around a 11 years old, looking back I know, that in my case, if I hadn't of had the many surgeries at around that age I would have very likely have been a permanent wheelchair user from about 16 years old.

    Don't be afraid though to ask lots of questions and maybe request a second opinion from a qualified professional. There is so much that can be done these days to aid recovery and rehabilitation, and its important to prepare ahead as much as possible with the things he will need, to achieve the very best possible outcome.

    I wish you the very best,

    Kind regards