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School support

Lisaembery Member Posts: 2
edited August 2016 in Autism and neurodiversity
I'm have a real issue with school and getting support with both my autistic boys. They both have a diagnosis of ASD.spd.
One age 9 has ASD,spd..
Second son has ASD,spd adhd.age 11,
I'm applying for echp as both boys needs are not being met in school. But coz I'm not getting support from the now on my second attempt at trying. 
 This Time I have a solicitor helping but it seems never ending. And in all this my poor boys are not coping in school. 
 My 9 year old is throwing tables chair's and yet school say nothing wrong. They never call me.
He's always in fights.we requested paperwork which has information of agents which I wasn't aware of.
My eleven year-old is going to secondary school in September and he is not sleeping he is being bullied he has no friends he's behind. Even though he is looking forward to getting out of this school I worry about the next school. I'm at a loss.
And to make things worse. I have multiple sclerosis. Also. Lisa


  • YoungCarerOverHere
    YoungCarerOverHere Member Posts: 45 Connected
    Primary schools can often be unco-operative about helping autistic children. Especially if they believe it's down to poor parenting or just "boy behaviour". My brother was the same (ASD, ADHD and autism). In my experience high schools often have a more helpful SENCO department which can be more active in offering and assessing support needs.

    The ECHP plan is a step in the right direction and so is the solicitor. As the school is unwilling to tell you when things are going wrong, do you have school reports to use as information? My mum went through this same battle- it will take a long time as you've seen already- but it can be done.

    I wish your eleven year old all the best in highschool, it's difficult but it is possible for him to make new friends there. Try and get in contact with the SEN team BEFORE he gets into school. Then the transition may be made easier.

    I'm sorry this isn't a professional or practical answer but I'm sure someone with more experience with this will comment soon! :smile:
  • Lee
    Lee Member Posts: 8

    Hi Lisa,

    I really hope your perseverance pays off!

    It sounds like your doing the right thing, getting legal support.

    Have you got an Independent Supporter involved too?

    You can find your local Independent Supporters here...

    YoungCarerOverHere's advice about getting in touch with the SENCO at the new school before September is a really good idea.

    I really hope that the EHC plans identify ways that both your children can be better supported in school.

    Wishing you and your boys, the very best for the future.



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