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Stand up for disabled people

Coopersmith Member Posts: 1
edited July 2016 in Cerebral palsy
Standing up for physical disability rights

Why This Was Written

Many people and myself have a physical disability liked Cerebral Palsy, many of us need support to lived. Over the last 18 years of my life, I have nothing a few things what isn’t right for us, this is now I am writing this report, in hope one day I could take this paper up to the government and aske could they pass this as a written paper.

What I would like to see and why

The first thing I think to be looked at is a few years before the disabled person leaves their school, they and their family should be shown how to talk. The first the disability be taking out their class on a one to one the person should have a big bit of paper with them and a pen. Then go into a room by their two self, because both of them, will be talking, say if the disability has a communication aide to let them communicate with the personal they must take it in with them both. This is so that the personal who they are talk to know everything they are talk to.  

After they are in the room the first thing the person who have the paper and the pen should do is pick the paper on the wall, or somewhere the person must able to see it that all time. You must make sure both of you are able to communicate together at all time. When the both of you are already. If you don’t know the personal who you are working with, the first thing you should asked them can you read? And if the person says no tell them everything we talk about I will draw so you can remember. The first thing I am going asked you what is you good at. If the person can’t do much for their self, but you could see they can work their communication system well you can have asked them do they want this put down, to help them to start off thinking, the person who is asked must remember to give the person time to time and be open with them.

Making a network of support

The next thing you could do when you have done all the first thing, you could have asked the person do they wanted a personal network teem set-up, if the person say yes asked them what who do they want on this, family or friends and anyone they might know. Say the person liked football and someone on his network team into it to, they might say I can do at with them.
Many people go onto college

After I leave School over 18 years ago I started college after 19 years I have leave because Cerebral Palsy and needed support to do physical think for myself, people forget it is only my body don’t work but my brain work. I want to stand up for physical disability rights, because I don’t think we are getting hearing, in different bit in life, please stop hat us on your head, and tell us just wait and see we don’t like it, we are people, and not toys.

One of the things people find hard in my life is using a communication aide over the telephone
 communication aide what mean it has voice output, it is Lightwriter. Two of the main things I love about using this is the Lightwriter is like a small a computer, which people who find it hard to speak because of this the person can type in what they want to say to the person, and if the personal can’t get understand what I am saying to them, if the person who can’t speak. As well let people know what I want to say, and my communication aide as a telephone as well what is a mobile phone as well, what is a mobile as well. One the thing I don’t like about this, When I telephone people who don’t know me and make a personal telephone call like to the bank, once I trying to call them, I got told they don’t take my communication aide as my own voice, I personal think it isn’t right. This is not right because this mean to make people who can’t speak. Sometimes I needed to phone about my benefit, a few times I have to phone them when I telephone them the first thing I always say to them is who I am and I am speaking with a communication aide, after I said this the person who I talking to away telling me “I am sorry I can’t go on with this telephone call because this isn’t your own voice” 

What I think would help

I wrote this to make people aware what we need to look that I person we should be working on this to make everybody award what is going on. What I personal would like to see is a working group with AAC users set up who user high text communication aide. The first thing they should do, is set up a ques air. After they set it up each communication aides user, should go away and telephone poplar like the DSS and their doctors by their selves. 

What I hoping to show people from this

No matter who we are everyone should get the same right and freedom of speech as any one whom can speak without a communication aide.

Written by
Barry Smith



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