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Fought so hard! Scared they'll take support away

MissCC Member Posts: 22 Connected
I have fought with my sons school for 5 years, my son is in year 5, has ASD, ADHD, Dyspraxia & SPD no ECHP -  I got external help through Southwark Independant Advice Service and following Ed Psy recommendations adequate interventions have been put in place for the last 6 weeks.. His class teacher tells me " You've made him go backwards, he was working independently, and now he's not and also you've taken support away from other children that need it " GRRRRR - no! My son is finally getting the help he NEEDS, also the other children are not my problem that's down to the school.. I have a meeting Friday with Senco, Headteacher, Ed Psy, Class Teacher, myself & Ed officer from Southwark Independant advice service - I'm worried they are now going to say that having the interventions/support isn't helping my son be Independant - he needs prompting, help staying focused, handwriting support, OT techniques to help his hands before he writes. 
I've fought so hard against the school, I'm so worried they are going to try & reduce / stop his support. 



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