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Team in my area are forcing a chair on us for my child with CP called R82 X panda

Kara01little Member Posts: 5
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  • Kara01little
    Kara01little Member Posts: 5
    Hi am new here can anybody tell me if anyone has had issues with children with disabilities team in there area as my child has CP needs a chair to sit in & there forcing a chair called R82 X panda? You the parents now it's not suitable can anybody get back to me about that please 
  • Blue Frog
    Blue Frog Member Posts: 358 Pioneering
    Hi Kara, Is the Xpanda on a base with small wheels to use at home, or a wheelchair base?

    My little girl (3) has had hers (for home use) for 6 months and it is a fantastic bit of kit - I have seen much much worse chairs than this!!! She is very comfy in it, and it is brilliant for moving her round the house/garden/at the table with us/playing on her tray.  It took a few weeks for her to get used to it. It has really helped her posture. 

    Can you explain you have tried it loads of times, in different back/tilt positions and she is is still uncomfortable and keep a note of how long she managed to stay in it each time? Has the OT or Physio been back out to adjust/reassess it? They can change the straps and fixings too. 

    In our area, they try whatever equipment they have in stores first, and I think we were lucky, but keep on at them, they have to provide something safe and comfy and if there is nothing suitable they might order a new one in for her. Have a look at p-pods they are fabulous. 
  • Kara01little
    Kara01little Member Posts: 5
    Am sorry I don't think the R82 is the right chair for Hope because she is 5yrs old & is heavy & getting heavier we have a chair called JCM TRITON size 2 needs the next size up which will last her long we don't like it because the children with disabilities team think they now hope & they now nothing I don't like the R82 as the OT was blackmailing us to keep the chair till we have a screaming match at her still there not listening to us as we want same chair which is comfortable for her seen P Pods they are cool blue frog but this is one thing we can't agree with the team about I think parents should have a choose & have something forced which they now isn't right 
  • forgoodnesssake
    forgoodnesssake Member Posts: 415 Pioneering
    I wonder if the X-panda is actually the right size for her as they do make 4 sizes?  My son has athetoid CP and has had 2 x-panda's...he's now 18 and in size 4.  before that he had the size 3...from about 12 years old.  As the other poster has said there is a lot of adjustment in the chair so it is very possible that it is not adjusted properly for her.  It is very frustrating if you know that a certian bit of kit is better for your child but you only get what they have in the stores...
  • Kara01little
    Kara01little Member Posts: 5
    Well we have decided that we will not have the R82 X panda or the leckey mygo chair as they both unsuitable for hope we prefer the JCM Triton & we will make do if children with disabilities team prepared to support us getting what we now is better she will sit in her buggy mojo when she has outgrown the chair she has 


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