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3DI assessment

rosannereid Member Posts: 2
hiya , my son has 2 verbal ASD diognosis and we have now got our 3di assessment, I'm panicking a little, does anyone know what sort of questions they ask you ? Any help will be grateful


  • Stripes
    Stripes Member Posts: 24 Listener

    Dear Rosanneried

    I am the Information and Advice Worker for Scope, and part of my role is to respond to posts on the community web page.

    I have responded to you post as I have a colleague who has a child with the same condition as your child and has gone through a similar assessment as you’re going through be it a number of years ago and she was able to offer some advice on her experience

    When talking to her she did say that the assessment she took had a different name so they may do the assessment in a slightly different way but there may be some similarities.

    My colleague has emailed me information on her experience that you may find useful

    With my own son we had an ADOS assessments, but before that we had a parental interview which lasted a couple of hours and this may be similar to 3di? Although from what I can gather the 3di is computer based. I think there is mention of it on the National Autistic Society website if you search on there.

    My son was diagnosed when he was 8 years old, after going through many years of assessments and meetings! Just before diagnosis, we went into a parental interview which took around 2 hours and was quite extensive in terms of the amount of questions that were asked.

    A lot of the questions were what we had already been asked many times before by different professionals and it often feels like you are repeating yourself!

    The questions started with my pregnancy history, birth details…birth weight, normal birth etc. Then there were a lots of questions around developmental stages…when did he sit up/smile/roll/stand/walk/crawl etc.

    There was questions around when did he smile, did he make eye contact, did he used to point to things?

    There were questions on how did he play and what were his favourite games. Did he speak and could he understand words? I had chance to tell them about his sensory issues and his difficulty dealing with his emotions and the meltdowns.

    Basically, everything about my son right through the years. It was intensive, but I didn’t find it too scary or formal. Following on from this we were sent an appointment for an ‘ADOS’ test and after this we finally received his diagnosis a few months later.

    end of email

    If you go into google search and type in 3di assessment you may find some information on other parents experience of doing the assessments.

    I had a quick look at the results and the comments were brief and quite a few years old so not sure how relevant they will be. So it maybe best you do the search yourself and you can pick out the web site that you find relevant.

    Although I have found this web site that show example of questions they will ask and also it list the area they look at I can’t guarantee its accuracy so do treat with caution but it does seem to give you a snap shot of the types of questions you may get.


    When I was doing the search I ended up at the Netmums website  I am not sure if you are aware of Netmums, but if you haven’t you may want to go and have a look, similar to Scope community forum it is a opportunity to talk to other parents about their experiences and there may be more upto dates posts around 3di

     I hope this information helps a little


    Ian Jones

    Information and Advice Worker Northern Region

  • rosannereid
    rosannereid Member Posts: 2
    Thankyou very much for this information, my son had his 3DI diagnostic test and was straight after diagnosed as Aspergers 
    this gives us lots of answers and unlocks so many doors for help
    thanks again 


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