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Improvements to the site

AlexAlex Scope Posts: 1,324 Pioneering
edited November 2016 in Community updates

Hi everyone,

I'm Alex, and I work in the digital team at Scope.

As you might know we've been looking at how we can improve this site. A big thanks to everyone who helped us with the recent interviews and on this thread - especially 





There are a lot of things on my to do list - but I thought I'd share a few key things that will be my priority in the next couple of months:

  • Recruit a new community manager - Jen left Scope last week, so we'll soon be looking for a new person to join us.  I'll post the job up here when it's live. I'd love someone who's already on the community to join the team!
  • Private messaging - lots of people have asked for this, and I'm hoping to be able to turn it on soon. 
  • Help people find their way around - we're going to look at making the navigation and homepage a bit easier to use.
  • More transparency - I'd like us to get better at sharing what we're up to behind the scenes, and what we're planning to do (and of course getting as many of you involved!)
  • Helping people get started - we're making a few changes to help new users, such as a series of emails that will automatically go to new people. These will tell them about the site and show them how they can get involved.
  • Featuring community content on the main website - we're developing functionality to highlight community discussions when people are looking at info content on our main website.
That's just for starters!

If you'd like to help with any of the above, or just find out more - let me know. Just reply here, or you can email me at [email protected]



  • AlexAlex Scope Posts: 1,324 Pioneering
    edited August 2016
    Hi everyone, 

    As you may have spotted we've had two bits of functionality going live over the weekend on the community, both aimed at encouraging people to get involved!
    • Welcome journey - when you sign up to the community you now receive a series of emails to tell you a bit more about the site and encourage you to explore and post.
    • Welcome post - when you sign up you are encouraged to make your first post straight away. This post is created in the welcome group, please say hello! This is functionality that we used to have and was really popular - which is why we've brought back! One bit of feedback we had before was that people didn't like not being able to choose a discussion title, so we've changed it to allow people to edit it before posting.
    If you'd like to know more just reply here, or you can email me at [email protected]

  • AlexAlex Scope Posts: 1,324 Pioneering
    Hi everyone,

    Sorry this thread hasn't been updated for a while, but we have been very busy behind the scenes improving the site. Here are some changes we've made on the site:
    • We've improved our search. When you search now you'll get content from across Scope and the option to filter to find blogs, discussions, tips and information content. We've also added discussions automatically to the bottom of lots of our information pages.
    • Pushcrew - we've installed Pushcrew on to our site. If you're logged in (and use Firefox and Chrome)  you may have seen a little popup to get notifications. We send these once a day to keep you up to date with what's happening on the community.
    And coming up:
    • Next week we have @SoBadAssSam joining the team. 
    • We're working on a homepage redesign, which will go live in December.
    • Private messaging will go live in the next few weeks.
    If you'd like to know more just reply here, or you can email me at [email protected]

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