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Independent living

sweetpea Member Posts: 3
hi I'm 36 from north Lincolnshire and I'm trying to move out of my parents house as there is a family breakdown. Social services are being no help whatsoever and I have no idea what to do for the best

can anyone offer help or advice 


  • Seadog
    Seadog Member Posts: 11

    Sounds like a difficult situation for you Sweetpea, it's always emotionally stressful when family breakdown is in the picture as well as the practical difficulties of trying sort out alternative accommodation.

    If you have a disability, you should be entitled to an assessment by Social Services, so if you feel they are not being helpful, you could try to find out if there is an Advocacy Service locally that could support you in approaching them for help and advice. A negative response is always daunting, but don't let it put you off - there are also other organisations you could approach. Somewhere along the line you will find someone who will respond positively and helpfully, which can be really empowering. Do you have your name on the housing list? Your local council office should be able to advise you on appropriate accommodation, taking into account any access needs you may have. If there is a Centre for Independent Living or a Disabled People's Organisation locally they may also be able to give you information, advice and support. Your local Citizen's Advice Bureau may also be able to help with information and advice on finance and benefits. Private renting may be an option for you, in which case have a look at what's available?  

    Do hope you are able to move forward, Sweetpea, in a way that feels right for you, and that things start to look up.

  • bam
    bam Member Posts: 326 Pioneering
    I wonder if Social Security ministration does something similar in the United States. I'm trying to move out of my family's house too but but it's difficult when you're sick. Everything is just a little bit more difficult.
  • Stripes
    Stripes Member Posts: 24 Listener

    Dear Sweetpea

    I am the Information and Advice Worker for  Scope and I suggest that you give our helpline a ring on 0808 800 3333

    They have staff members who will be able to give you some good information on how to move forward

    Mr other suggestion is you could try getting in touch with Clover Leave Advocacy who may be able to offer you some support here is their web site with  their details

    I hope this is helpful


    Ian Jones

    Information and Advice Worker

  • sweetpea
    sweetpea Member Posts: 3
    I'm already in touch with Cloverleaf thanks
  • Debbie_Alumni
    Debbie_Alumni Member Posts: 944 Pioneering
    Hi Sweetpea, Great advice from our Regional Information and Advice Workers. Have you spoken to your local housing department and have they offered you some advice about your housing options? If there has been a relationship breakdown and it is unreasonable for you to remain in the property with your parents, you could apply as homeless. This can be a complicated route to follow though and it will probably bring up all kinds of emotional stress. A homeless officer will more than likely make enquiries with your parents to establish the facts around your homelessness. They may recommend family mediation or something similar to keep the family together and prevent homelessness. There is no easy answer here but your local council should be able to offer you advice and assistance so if you haven't already contacted them, it would be worth exploring further. If you would like to talk about this in more depth, get in touch with me and we can look at some of those options together. Best wishes Debbie
  • sweetpea
    sweetpea Member Posts: 3
    I have messaged my local housing association,how do I get in touch with you Debbie?
  • Debbie_Alumni
    Debbie_Alumni Member Posts: 944 Pioneering
    Hi Sweetpea, Email [email protected] and address it to me, the team will make sure it reaches my inbox. If you want to talk over the phone please put your number in the email and I'll arrange to give you a call. :)


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