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Getting into toilets and events

irenedolly Community member Posts: 2 Connected
Is there something available that when your sticker is on your car and you need some kind of small card to say you are disabled (its an invisable disability) such as toilets and proof when you arrive at a concert etc.



  • Blue Frog
    Blue Frog Community member Posts: 358 Pioneering
    I don't know if it's the sort of thing you mean, but we have taken a photo of my daughters blue badge on my phone and use this when we need to show proof of disability 
  • onyee
    onyee Community member Posts: 8 Connected
    crazy isnt it?  I have a son with downs and a foster child with cerebral palsy, both very visable and relatively common differences and yet I had to take a copy of dla form for my son and copy of blue badge for child and copy of carers allowance for myself to get reductions at a local attraction recently.  its very very clear that my son has ds, and its equally clear that the child is physically disabled.  and its also equally clear that someone has to be a carer for them!  copy of a blue badge you'd think would be enough for an invisiable disability becoz you cant get one of those without proof of disability, but then when I am looking at the LEGOLAND site I have to prove my sons very visable disability and the child's equally very visible disability with a letter that states what that disability is becoz apparently their staff aren't medically trained to recognise when a person is disabled or not!  I kind of get that with an invisible disability but downs?  and a child using a k frame?  give me strength!  and do I have anything recent that states my sons disability.  nope, and I have nothing (that I can show to the general public) that states the childs either.  hey ho!! 
  • irenedolly
    irenedolly Community member Posts: 2 Connected
    Awe thank you x never thought of doing that .just fed up of people saying that's a disabled toilet x and having to explain myself x thing is when I having a good day I dont even use disabled parking bays x which as I get older I using them more often x I heard there was a key fob thing you can carry with you x but thank you for your help x 
  • milo
    milo Community member Posts: 129 Pioneering
    Yeah there are definitely times when some sort of disability card would be useful. I've seen a couple advertised on Facebook but don't know how recognised they would be. I think they are voluntary a bit like the Prove It cards you get for proof of age. A nationally recognised scheme alongsidealongside PIP or the blue badge would have its advantages. 
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