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Bad experience with trolley company

Hello.  I have been very badly treated by a company  that specialises in shopping trolleys .. Sholley Trolleys.

I ordered a special trolley to be able to transport my dog by bus and train  to visit my elderly father who has dementia.  I have disabilities myself so was looking forward to something that would help me remain independent now that am no longer able to drive.

I phoned to place an order.  The colour I wanted was only available in small, but I was happy to accept a different colour in large as suggested.  Having been let down badly by another company, I was keen to have the trolley before the weekend to make sure that I could visit Dad before the train strikes hit.  I was promised it would arrive on Friday.

It didn't.  I couldn't visit Dad (second week running as a result of the first company letting me down!)  I phoned on Monday and they said that the courier hadn't got the full address and it would be delivered Tuesday. 

When it arrived, to my disappointment, they'd sent a small version (no good at all to me).  I phoned within minutes of the courier leaving it with me and was met with a rude and argumentative response from customer services.  The lady (who had not taken the original call) said that I had definitely ordered a small, that I would have been told the sizes (yes, I know.. I actually went off to get a tape measure and double check that I did need a large!) and that as far as they were concerned if I wanted to return it, I'd have to pay the courier costs.  I pointed out that I should not have to pay for their mistake, but the lady consistently claimed that her colleague would not have made one!  I asked to speak to a senior manager and was told that no-one was available.  I asked when one would be available... no idea, they had no idea when she would be in.  I was beginning to get upset, explained that I was desperate to see my Dad.. it fell on deaf ears. 

Eventually, the lady said "we'll go halves and refund the original delivery".  There was giggling in the background.  I felt they were amusing themselves with my distress and thought to myself "gosh, if I were elderly and confused, as many of their customers may well be, I'd probably agree... except that the order HAD no delivery charges (I can't remember, but think it was a special offer or else free delivery because of the cost being more than £100)"

I gave up on them, put the phone down and burst into tears. They'd had me running round in circles, confused and upset.  They had challenged everything I said.   To be treated with such contemptuous disregard when life is far from easy and the prospect of being "too late" to see Dad again was all too much.

My husband called them back - from overseas where he is currently based.  A little while later, they called to say they would refund in full and collect on Thursday afternoon.  Progress at least.

It's Thursday and I had a call this morning from Customer Services to say that the courier had been, nobody was in and so he couldn't pick up.  I had been in all morning... apparently he had phoned and could hear the phone ringing through the door... (that's clever, because you wouldn't actually be able to!  and in any case, I carry the phone on me at all times - it certainly had not rung!)  I pointed out that the collection was supposed to be this afternoon...not that it mattered particularly as I am here all day?

I've just opened my post to see a cheque for a refund of £9.50 from them.  I have no idea what that relates to, but will wait and see if I'm expected to give the courier £9.50 when he eventually turns up.  The original order was £123.50 so it can't be that.

I decided to write a review on their Facebook page.  In reading other reviews, I was appalled.  One customer pointed out that there was a potential safety issue... the response from an employee beggars belief:  "paul, if you cant open or fold one of these, you must be unlucky, otherwise you aint got nothing better to do with your time".   It's there for all to read.  And what makes it worse, is that his comment has been "liked" by the page administrator (who effectively represents the company).

I am writing this here because I just want to ensure that any future customers are aware.  I advise NOT to order by phone (it will be your word against theirs) and ONLY to order in writing.  Do not believe the delivery times stated (plenty of other customers let down including via their Amazon sales) and bear in mind that customer care is not of the standard one might expect.

I will keep you posted as to whether they do collect it today and when the refund is forthcoming.

Good luck if you do decide to order from them! 


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