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Hello, my 8 months old daughter is diagnosed with developmental delay and 4 limb motor disorder. She is trying to sit up, but she can't reach for toys or role over yet. I will want get in touch with some one with similar or same problem.


  • Katie_G
    Katie_G Member Posts: 14

    My son Joshua had the same symptoms around that age. He is still under investigation and they are querying CP. Although he still can sit by himself at the age of 2 his made alot of progress and he can now reach for toys even if it taoes him that oittle
  • Katie_G
    Katie_G Member Posts: 14
    My fone froze and posted the comment before i could finish.

    It does take him that little bit longer to reach for a toy but he gets there and he understands everything. His mentality is spot on he can communicate well but does not say anything yet just makes alot of noises. 

    Have u seen a paediatrician and have you had any tests or scans such as an MRI scan?

  • Fatmata
    Fatmata Member Posts: 2
    Yes Katie G she had an MRI scan done in February, that when she was diagnosed with the developmental delay and 4 limb motor disorder. Yes we are seeing the physiotherapy every week.She can makes a lots of noises, just worried


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