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Chances are of being accepted for pip enhanced mobility

chrisack Member Posts: 1
hello i have been assessed for pip and wondering what the chances are of being accepted for pip enhanced mobility i have numerous conditions.what do the dwp take into account when making a decision or is it done by a computer??Many thanks chrisack.


  • Debbie_Alumni
    Debbie_Alumni Member Posts: 932 Pioneering
    Hi chrisack,

    You will be assessed for PIP using the activity descriptors. The DWP will take into account what you write on your claim form, the medical evidence you send with the claim form and then if you have a face to face assessment, the assessor's report will also be used. The decision won't be made by a computer, the decision will be made by a decision maker at the DWP using all of the available evidence.

    Are you aware of all of the activity descriptors for PIP?

    Some people find it helpful to carry out a PIP self-assessment test to get an idea of how many points they might score. If you want to carry one out you can do one on the Benefits and Work website

    If you have any further questions I'm happy to try and answer them.

    Best wishes

  • jae377
    jae377 Member Posts: 27 Courageous
    Ensure you obtain a copy of the assessment Report. Mine was a fairy story from start to end, it included several outright lies "refused to do action requested" - I did NOT, my pride would not let me refuse. result lifetime DLA mobility highest rate changed to 3 year lower rate PIP. HOWEVER I immediately started a Mandatory Appeal. I pointed out all the unarguably false statements ( I.E. full range of head movement - the top of my spine is a fused lump of plastic and pig bone so a physical impossibility) and obtained letter from GP contesting the "medical" statements in assessment.  
    DWP immediately changed this back to highest rate PIP. Now fighting to get "indeterminate" rather than 3 year award as car 7 years old and cannot obtain (very heavily adapted) vehicle on affordable HP over only 3 years.
    NOTE, turns out assessor was a nurse with little or no relevant expertise in spinal cord injury or combined Heart Disease/diabetes and spinal cord damage.
  • mom123
    mom123 Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Hi just had my PIP assessment was awarded higher rate mobility for indefinite time. Now been told im only entitled to lower rate mobility all because young girl had said that I could pick a cup up and plan a route and talk to people. Whats that got to do with my disability. I currently take 32 tablets aday plus two injections. I suffer from heart problems lower kidney problems just to name a few.
  • jae377
    jae377 Member Posts: 27 Courageous
    Suggest you ask for review BUT you need to be aware that there is a degree of obvious prejudice showing in your post The age of the assessor is irrelevant, it is their professional qualifications that count, if as I did you discover that these are not pertinent to your conditions then you can challenge basis of assessment. If you use statements such as "young girl" you will immediately lose ground, I very much doubt that someone employed as an assessor would be under 18 ("girl") indeed they are unlikely to be under 20 as they will have obtained some form of qualification.Regarding planning a route, this IS one of the conditions that is or is not awarded points towards mobility. You need to concentrate on those issues which affect your ability to walk, I.E Heart Condition, the number of tablets you take do not (normally) affect this unless one of them is causing e.g. drowsiness.
    Good Luck.


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