Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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Am I entitled to a blue badge?

StargazerforestStargazerforest Member Posts: 3 Listener

I am new to this group.

I have not been officially declared as disabled, however I have so many pains now I feel disability is what I have. My hips are arthritic (amongst other conditions) and my doctor says it's mild (not that it feels it). I am not sure if I'd be entitled to any of the benefits as I do work and do full time earning probably far too much for anything. I was wondering if anyone in this site can help advise me or point me in the right direction for advice on whether or not I'd be entitled to at lease a blue badge?

I'm finding walking, even a gentle walk after 10 minutes one side of my hip starts to ache and then after a further 20 mins the other side aches. The pain then escalates there after until I've rested it. Stairs cause me pain after the first few steps. I do find it wears on me quite a bit and doesn't help my depression. Having asthma doesn't help either it's exercise induced and I feel like I have to work harder to walk through the pain and can sometimes if on an incline get my asthma to start to. I feel like my body is falling apart. I do walk and will walk despite the pain. and therefore I remain mobile

All guidance appreciated.


  • CommunityTeamCommunityTeam Posts: 87

    Scope community team

    HI Stargazer, welcome to the community. You might like to check out some of our threads about benefits and work here. In regards to getting a blue badge, the government's online eligibility checker tool  may be able to help you.
  • JadeBJadeB Member Posts: 62 Courageous
    You can get PIP weather you work or not. But they don't seem to like giving it to anyone these days. I'm 23 have cerebral palsy and work. I applied for my PIP and a blue badge and was simply told. No! Even though I've had my disability since birth. It's quite difficult to get a blue badge these days x
  • Debbie_ScopeDebbie_Scope Member Posts: 947 Pioneering
    Hi Stargazer,

    Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a benefit designed to help with some of the extra costs associated with disability and it's possible to qualify even if you're working. For some people having PIP helps them to continue or start working. There is a PIP self test you can carry out online which might give you an idea of whether or not you should go ahead and apply. http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/pip/indexxx.php

    If you score 8 or more points in the moving around category you will automatically qualify for a blue badge. If you don't score the 8 points or more it's still possible to qualify for a discretionary blue badge and your local authority can carry out a walking assessment to determine if you qualify or you might be able to provide medical evidence of your walking difficulties. It varies from one local authority to another so do check with yours as to what their criteria is.

    Feel free to post any further questions you might have.

    Best wishes
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