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Hi, my name is shellwishes!

shellwishes Member Posts: 1
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I have 2 autistic boys aged 17 and 14.  I also have a 5 year old gIrlam who may be diagnosed in the future.  I am also a member of the stepping stones across the spectrum committeemail and we provide opportunities for autistic adults.  
Unfortunately it seems my older boy may have some serious mental health issues and for 2 years he made me a prisoner in my own home through violence and threats.  When he beat up my younger son he was made a looked after child and we were told he was no longer allowed to the house.  The problem is that where he lives he only gets 10 hours support a week and 45 pounds to buy food, clothes and travel.  Since he's lived there social services have discovered how difficult it is to support him but it's to late to do anything since he will be 18 in November.
I am devastated as you can probably tell.  A few days ago his "friends" beat him up; shaved his hair off and his eyebrows and painted him in pink lipstick.  
My other 2 areally fine, 5 year old is very compliant and all the 13 yr old is interested in is his PC!!


  • Chris_Alumni
    Chris_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 689 Pioneering
    Hi @shellwishes, welcome to the community, and sorry to hear of your troubles. @DebbieVoakes may be able to provide you with some advice.
  • Debbie_Alumni
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    Hi Shellwishes,

    The thing that stands out most for me in your post is the part where you say that social services have now discovered how difficult it is to support your son and that it's too late because your son is turning 18 in November. I would urge you to get some further advice about this because the local authority should be planning for what happens when he turns 18. For eligible children, relevant children and former relevant children a pathway plan must be prepared and continued until the age of 21.

    The support he receives from social services with both housing and financial will stop, but there has to be a plan in place for what happens next. They should look at his housing and whether they can support him into independent living and also look to sort out the financial side of things like claiming benefits or work prospects/training/apprenticeships. 

    What does his current accommodation comprise of and are there plans for him to continue residing where he is or will he be moving on somewhere else?

    I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to him recently. How is he now?


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