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Exercise, who me?

milo Member Posts: 129 Pioneering
With the paralympics just a couple of days away, my mind has turned to thoughts of endeavour and physical fitness. 

I may be in a wheelchair,  but I like to be as active as possible and go to the gym most days. Now I'm not suggesting that it would suit everyone but for me,  it's an important and enjoyable part of my life. Being in a chair means that certain exercises and gym equipment aren't suitable for me but plenty of others are.  I've been fortunate in finding a gym that's fairly accessible and affordable. 

The results so far have been striking,  blood pressure and pulse down,  improved lung function,  weight coming off,  the list is endless. On top of the physical benefits,  I feel mentally stronger and sharper. It also encourages me to get up from bed and out of the house. 

And yes,  I will be watching the paralympics, only instead of sitting on the couch,  I'll be watching it on one of the screens at the gym. 


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