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Help with finding a new job

i have just returned from maternity leave to my job as a customer/service advisor/community support officer/ administrator  and I feel I am not enjoying my job anymore and really relish a change as I have worked in the same role for over 10 years  and so I am a bit rusty with where to look I know as a result of my cerebral palsy I face extra challenges trying to get another job and would welcome any advice, or direction I am looking for work  in gtr Manchester thanks 


  • Gemstr
    Gemstr Member Posts: 19 Courageous
    Also due to disability and now childcare does anyone know of any working from home companies/ jobs??
  • Geo08
    Geo08 Member Posts: 49 Courageous

    I would start by thinking what sort of skills you have by updating your CV and such.

    I would also think about what sorts of jobs you can do at home. That being said, ignore the adverts that day 'earn 000's by working at home' as they are quite often a lie.

    What's your educational background? What do you enjoy? Does your current employer have any differemt roles within their business?
  • Gemstr
    Gemstr Member Posts: 19 Courageous
    Hi Geoo8 thank you for your input, I have started to update my CV, I have been looking on line at work from home jobs and have been tempted to apply but like you say they are probably just a lie, I am educated to degree level and have a degree in education studies but have never actually pursued a job in education I work for housing at the moment but want a change and something that will fit around looking after my son and somewhere that is amenable to people with disabilities 
  • Geo08
    Geo08 Member Posts: 49 Courageous
    Hi @Gemstr,

    I'm really glad to hear you've started taking the first few steps. Have you thought about looking at being a tutor? I'm sure there will be a new market for this type of thing if the government continues to go ahead with pushing grammar schools as people will be wanting to pass the 11+ or whatever they replace it with. Of course you might need to do some training to get started so I would have a look to see if there any freelance agents or something like that or possibly look for a small business grant of some kind. That way you wan work on your own terms.

    Now comes the quickfire question round ;) These are just things to think about: 

    In terms of a workplace, what kind of things do you need? Do you use a wheelchair? Do you need support in order to do your job? Have you used access to work before? 

    In terms of childcare, have you looked into the new government schemes to help provide childcare? Could this help you? (I have no idea what's on offer being a 20 year old uni student). 

    What would you like to do? Have you tried having a browse of Indeed to look for potential jobs? 

    Finally where abouts do you live? Are you near a big city? Are you near London?
  • Gemstr
    Gemstr Member Posts: 19 Courageous
    Hi sorry for delay in replying, thanks again for your email. I have thought about being a tutor but I am not confident enough to talk in front of people I get to nervous. I live in greater manchester and am not sure what opportunities there are for disabled people other than council jobs etc. I walk with two sticks and use a wheelchair for long distances so accessible building no stairs would be necessary. In terms of childcare we don't get any help from the government until he is two. 


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