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One-year old with CP struggles with car seat - Any suggestions?

gemw Member Posts: 6 Listener
i have a one year old baby with cerebral palsay who has trouble in a car seat he finds it very uncomfortable as he bends his right leg in an struggles to relax his muscles anyone got any suggestions please. at moment i cannot go out on my own with him which is hard with a 3 year old too


  • Blue Frog
    Blue Frog Member Posts: 358 Pioneering
    edited September 2016
    Hi @gemw we were pretty fortunate as my little girl tolerated her car seat really well (but I am so glad we are past that stage as she has a WAV now) have you tried looking on here?

    They do consultations and a few people have said they provide really good advice. You could also ask baby's physio/OT (but they won't pay for one) Newlife charity might help you there 
  • Letty
    Letty Member Posts: 7 Courageous
    perhaps there are some stretches physio can recommend? Our daughter used to try to arch her back, she would come out sweating after a lot of crying. I did not ask for help much. perhaps it is quite easily solved with help. Other than that I did find it made a huge difference when I turned her round later on.


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