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My darts team told they will have to forfeit if they can't make the stairs... Advice please

karenb Member Posts: 3
Hi I am looking for some advice about a darts league.  3 our of 7 of my darts team are disabled,  in our league we have home matches and away, this season however we have a venue that has 2 flights of stairs and no access for those with mobility problems, we have been told that if they cant make the stairs they will have to forfeit their games. This seems like discrimination but I have been told its not. can anyone off any advice or point me in the right direction to get some help with this.  Thank you


  • Viks
    Viks Member Posts: 1
    Ask them to bring the dart board downstairs to another room
  • karenb
    karenb Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for replying, there is no downstairs room. its not just my team that have players unable to play at that venue, there is 3 teams with 10 players between us.
  • Judomandean
    Judomandean Member Posts: 49 Courageous
    I am disgusted this attitude is still in effect in this day and age :(  carry on with your darts Karen :)

  • Geoark
    Geoark Member, Scope Volunteer Posts: 1,382 Disability Gamechanger

    Yes it is discrimination, what ever they want to say. Sorry too tired to work out if it is indirect discrimination ie rules indirectly discriminates because the teams are expected to attend matches or forfeit. Or if it is direct discrimination as it deliberately discriminates against disabled players/teams while providing rewards for non disabled teams ie 3 automatic wins.

    As to what you can do this will depend on the structure of the league. IE is it registered as a friendly society, charitable organisation etc. These type of structures give members opportunities to propose  changes in rules, so where a home team's venue is not accessible either they provide an alternative venue if playing a team with disabilities or the game is played at neutral venue within the league or at the away team's venue.

    Is the league associated with a larger governing association and what is their rules on this?

    Are they self funding? Where organisations are dependent on funding revenues for any part of what they do funders can be a good source to bring pressure on an organisation to look at becoming more inclusive. However this kind of route can be a two edged sword. Personally I would look at working internally to change things first if there are avenues to do this.

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  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 126 Listener
    Organisations need to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people - not to do so is discrimination under the Equality Act 2010.

    What's 'reasonable' is of course, subjective (at least until it reaches court and a judge makes a formal decision on whether something is reasonable!) however determining what is reasonable can depend on things like:

    - your disability
    - how practicable the changes are
    - if the change you ask for would overcome the disadvantage you and other disabled people experience
    - the size of the organisation
    - how much money and resources are available
    - the cost of making the changes
    - if any changes have already been made.

    Adjustments can mean:
    -changing the way things are done (for example varying a standard policy)
    -changing a physical feature (for example, better lighting)
    -providing an aid or appliance (eg a platform lift or ramp)

    My advice is to go back to the venue, and request that they make a reasonable adjustment as they are obligated to do so under the Equality Act 2010, and reminding them that refusal to make reasonable adjustments is unlawful discrimination.

    If they continue to refuse, you may wish to contact the Equality Advisory Support Service. They advise on discrimination.
     <a href="" title="Link:">www.equalitadvisoryservi</a>

  • MikeBroderick
    MikeBroderick Member Posts: 234 Pioneering
    Also, see: 

    Personally, I would call the Equalities Commission on Monday and ask for direct advice on how best to proceed.

    Best wishes.

    Please let us know how it turns out.

  • Chris_Alumni
    Chris_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 689 Pioneering
    Hi @karenb, was just wondering what the outcome of this was?
  • karenb
    karenb Member Posts: 3
    edited February 2017
    Hi. The darts committee decided it wasn't fair to the venue to lose 30% of its revenue,  where as the 3 teams with the disabled players would only lose 1 match of the season. 
    The teams just have to play with the players that can make the stairs  

    Thanks. Karen
  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,682 Disability Gamechanger
    @karenb that is terrible! 
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